Situated in Pennsylvania’s beautiful Lancaster County farmland, Grant Heilman Photography, Inc. is the world's most noted source of agricultural photography. The library holds more than a half-million images whose specialized subject matter allows us to offer the finest selection of agriculture, natural science, horticulture, wildlife, and special subject imagery that can be found. In addition, the library also contains a vintage collection of black and white photography from 1920 through 1960, showcasing farm life during the great depression and beyond.

Renowned photographyer Grant Heilman began marketing his imagery in 1948 after accumulating captivating photography that complimented his photojournalism career. He worked hard to establish an upstanding business philosophy that drew customers worldwide. In the past half century, our library has grown to represent the collections of more than 150 professional photographers (find out more about them on our photographers page), while never compromising the rapport that Grant built with his customers. Sonia Wasco has served as our President and Chief Executive Officer since 1995. We continue our passion for providing our customers with the highest quality imagery, knowledgeable image research, and attentive customer service, we are confident that there is an image for your creative needs.

The library is perfectly situated in the beautiful farming country of Lancaster County Pennsylvania.

Grant Heilman Photography, Inc.
Box 317
Lititz, Pennsylvania 17543

Grant Heilman Photography, Inc.
506 West Lincoln Avenue
Lititz, Pennsylvania 17543

Call 1-800-622-2046
or dial 1-717-626-0296Fax 1-717-626-0971

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 Lancaster County Pennsylvania
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