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    When you select Keyword(s), you may enter one or even several keywords for your search. It's important to note that the search is not case sensitive. You may use the words "and," "or," "but not" as separators. For example, if you want to search for a mother with an infant, you can begin your search with "infant and mother but not father."

    You may also filter the search by selecting a photographer. If the Keyword(s) field is left blank, then all the images for the selected photographer will result.

    Select "Display" to display that amount of thumbnail images per page.

    Select "go" to view the thumbnail images.

    Select a thumbnail image to view it full size. However, you must be a registered user and be signed-in before you can view a full size image.
Saving images to the Lightbox
    You must first sign-in in order to have Lightbox priviledges. After a search query is completed, several images will be displayed at a time. Under each image is a check box labeled Save to Lightbox (the check boxes will appear only if you are a registered user and have signed in). If you would like to place an image in a personal lightbox, click the checkbox, and then click the button labeled Add Selected Images to Lightbox. You may browse through the images by clicking the Next or Back buttons. Be sure to save marked images before moving to the next page (although you can use your Internet Browser's own Forward and Back buttons to return to a page with marked images).

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